Advising Degree Plan Help

Help With My Degree Plan

    1. Degree plans and four year degree sequence sheets are also available on the UAC Student Resource page.
    2. You can facilitate a degree audit anytime through Degree Works. Degree Works is an automated degree audit program that can provide students with an Unofficial degree audit. We recommend that students generate a degree audit at the end of each semester.
      • Official degree audits are issued when the student has applied to graduate through the Registrars office. Students should apply to graduate no more than one year prior to the anticipated date of graduation. If you are in your final year of enrollment, you should visit with your Faculty Advisor. The Registrars office sends your Faculty Advisor your graduation packet when you are nearing the completion of your degree.
      • Click here for step by step instructions on how to generate a degree audit.
    3. Your Faculty Advisor can provide an unofficial degree audit for you as well. To find out who your advisor is, follow these instructions:
      1. Login to  Cardinal Apps
      2. Click the Cardinal Apps - Banner tab
      3. Click on Banner 8 Student Services Student Information icon
      4. Select the current term and click Submit
      5. Your advisor's name can be found under  Primary Advisor

You can find your advisor's contact information on the online directory.