Help Selecting a Major

If you're thinking about changing your major, please consider the following when making your decision:

  1. Have you done a what if analysis through Degree Works in BannerWeb?
    • A what if analysis gives you the opportunity to filter the courses that you have completed so far into the degree plan for the major of your choice.
    • Doing a what if analysis through Degree Works gives you an idea of when you would be able to graduate if you change your major and what courses you would have left to complete.
  2. Have you talked to Career Services?
    • The Office of Career Services and Professional Development offers individual career counseling, personality and career assessment, career related workshops, etc.
    • Get more information on what Career Services is offering students
    • Get some more information on career paths
    • Get some more information on certain majors
  3. Still have some more questions?
    • Contact the University Advising Center to set up an appointment by phone at: (210) 805-5814