Test Prep and Resources

Preparing for Admissions Exams

One of the most important steps in preparing for an Admissions Exam for Professional School is to ensure that you enroll in the correct courses. Please see the chart below for recommended courses for each exam.

Test Prep Courses

Recommended courses to take for each entrance exam.
Course Admission Test
MCAT (Medical) OAT (Optometry) PCAT (Pharmacy) TEAS (Nursing)
BIOL 1402 Required Required Required
BIOL 1403 Required
BIOL 2321/2121 Required Required Required Required
BIOL 2322/2122 Required Required Required Required
BIOL 3311 Suggested
BIOL 3361 Required
BIOL 3471 Required
ENGL 1311/1312 Required
CHEM 1301 Required Required Required
CHEM 1302 Required Required Required
CHEM 2311 Required Required Required
CHEM 1310 Required
CHEM 1320/1120 Required
CHEM 2312 Required Required Required Required
CHEM 4351 Required
PHYS 1301 or 2305 Required Required
PHYS 1302 or 2306 Required Required
Math 2303 Required Required Required
Math 2314 Required
PSYC 1301 >Required
One of the following: PSYC 2380, 3351,4350, 3472 Required

Study Resources

Studying for your entrance exam can be an intimidating process. However, there are multiple resources out there to help you prepare. Just make sure that you are using reputable resources to guide you through this process. The best place to start is with the Professional Associations listed below:

MCAT Resources

The Association of American Medical Colleges offers several resources to help you prepare for the MCAT:

For those of you that just don't know where to begin studying, AAMC also provides a free Study Plan to help you get started!

MCAT Study Plan

OAT Resources

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry can direct you to resources for preparing for the OAT:

PCAT Resources

The PCAT web site provides everything that you need to know to get you started on preparing for the exam:

TEAS Resources

The best place to start when preparing for the TEAS exam is the ATI web site:

Additional Resources

If you are struggling with a particular topic, you can find videos and practice tests at Khan Academy: