preparing for registration

Preparing For Registration

Registration is a integrated process that involves academic advisement, course selection, registering (either on-line or through the submission of a registration form), payment of all charges, and attending class. New students may register through the many Orientation/Registration opportunities scheduled through the Office of Admissions. Current students register after first meeting with their academic advisor.

Current Students

Important Information to Current Students Regarding Summer/Fall 2020 Advising

 The University Advising Center has created the following guide to help prepare you for your Summer/Fall 2020 online registration: Preparing for online registration (PDF)

We highly encourage you to view this guide before scheduling your advising appointment with your academic advisor.


1. Contact your Advisor to see how they are Scheduling their Advising Sessions:

Find out who your Advisor is:

  • Login to Cardinal Apps
  • Click the Cardinal Apps - Banner tab
  • Click on Banner 8 Student Services Student Information icon
  • Select the current term and click Submit
  • Your advisor's name can be found under Primary Advisor
  • You can find your advisor's contact information on the online directory

2. Prepare for your Advising Session with your Advisor:

Check for Holds:

  • Go to the Registrar site and check your holds
  • Select the Bannerweb link
  • Select the student services link
  • Select the student records link
  • Select the view holds links
  • Look for "Registration" indicated in the "Process Affected" block. This hold will prevent registration.
  • Contact the offices indicated in the "Hold Type" block. Resolve your holds before Advising Day.

Check if you have the Pre-requisite:

  • If you completed the required class in transfer, does the registrars office have your transcript?

Check your transfer work online:

  • Select the Bannerweb link
  • Select the student services link
  • Select the student records link
  • Select the academic transcript links

Please Note: If your transfer work is not recorded, we do not have the final transcript. Contact your previous institution and request that your transcript be sent to the Registrar's Office at UIW.

Check if any of the courses you need require signatures.

New Students

All new students or prospective students must go through the Admissions office first. To find out what the requirements are for Admission or call (210) 829-6005.

There are two different events that are organized to give all incoming students the best introduction to the UIW campus and it's services to ensure every student's success, they are the following:

Freshman Orientation

Orientations are required for new freshmen. They are designed to help familiarize you with the campus and all available services for students. The program includes advising, registration, information sessions from essential departments such as Financial Aid, Business Office, etc and many more informative activities. It runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and there is a $10 fee per guest (limit 2).

Register for a Freshman Orientation Date

Transfer Orientation

Transfer Orientation is geared towards transfer students who are already familiar with the college atmosphere and its processes. The session includes a quick introduction to the UIW campus and the services available to students, each student is then advised and registered by an Academic Counselor.

Register for a Transfer Orientation Date