Humanities and Social Sciences Degrees

Professional Schools value well-rounded Humanities and Social Science students, as they bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to their programs. While you will need to supplement a degree in Humanities or Social Sciences (English, Sociology, Psychology) with the prerequisites for the program of your choice, attending a Professional School is still well within your reach. Please see below for an example of how a BA in Psychology can lead to an acceptance to medical school.


Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of humans and other animals. Students will begin to understand how individual thought, emotion, and other behavior are influenced by perception, motivation, heredity, language, learning, culture, and environment. Instruction focuses on scientific methods of inquiry to test theory and promote evidence-based application and practice with a consideration of social justice. Students pursuing the psychology major develop competence in their primary area of interest through advanced courses in the major, can complete an internship, and/or conduct research. Upon the successful completion of the Psychology program, students will have an understanding of the major theoretical perspectives for organizing and understanding human behavior and basic skills in psychological research methods. (UIW Catalog)

Medical School

Psychology constitutes the second largest major of students in medical school (second to biology majors). However, in order to qualify and compete for medical school, a psychology major must have pursued the pre-med curriculum (e.g. biology, anatomy, physiology, etc.) in addition to psychology major requirements. In addition, you must earn a solid score on the MCAT exam taken by medical school applicants. (UIW Psychology Website)

Suggested Degree at UIW

Bachelor of Psychology