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Information Technology for Students

IT for Students

What does IT do for students?

On UIW’s IT website you’ll find information about all of UIW’s technology, network connections, tech support and software resources, including:

  • Canvas Information and Tutorials
  • Learning to use the On-Campus Printers
  • Available Software Suites and Apps
  • Computer Labs around Campus
  • Laptop specs recommendations

IT for Students

New Students to UIW

As a student at UIW, you have access to a myriad of software, equipment, discounts and services around campus. Visit the One Stop IT page to learn how to get started with IT resources at UIW..

Information Technology for Employees

IT for Employees

What does IT do for employees?

IT is here to help the entire UIW community obtain all the tech knowledge and resources they need to perform at their best. Whether you need to request Canvas training or find help setting up a network connection, you’ll find it here. Along with:

  • Canvas Information and Training
  • Web development updates and training for editors
  • Request forms for training, HelpDesk, phones and network drops

IT for Employees

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