University of the Incarnate Word Student celebrating at the graduation ceremony


Please Read This Publication in its entirety!

There is no rehearsal for Commencement therefore you must read this publication in its entirety to know all of the details associated with your Commencement ceremony. This publication provides the dates, times and locations of all of the events associated with each ceremony and you are responsible for knowing all of the details provided herein.

Please arrive on time to ensure that you participate in the Processional for your ceremony. The Processional starts on time whether students are in line or not.

University of the Incarnate Word Commencement Handbook

The handbook provides instructions and information about the Baccalaureate Mass, the Processional, Commencement ceremonies and degree conferral policies at the University of the Incarnate Word.

If you have questions not addressed in this handbook, please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page on the graduation link of the Registrar's Office web page. If information you need is not posted there, refer to the “graduation” link on the Registrar's Office web page. You may also contact the Registrar's Office at 210.829.6006.

Commencement ceremonies are intended to be formal occasions where we, along with your family and invited guests, celebrate your accomplishments. Therefore, we ask that you preserve the dignity of the ceremony and the traditions of the university by maintaining the decorum appropriate for the occasion.

This is the only information you will receive pertaining to the Mass, the Processional, the Commencement ceremonies and the Recessional. Please read this information thoroughly and in its entirety so that you will know what is expected of you, when you are expected to arrive for each event and where you are to arrive to participate in any event.