Requests For Photography

The Office of Communications and Brand Marketing (OCM) does not have a staff photographer. We take photos as our workload permits to help us promote the events, activities and achievements of the university.

An administrator, staff or faculty member may request a photographer for their event. The Request for Event Promotion form found on this website has a space where you can request a photographer. OCM does not guarantee the availability of a photographer as requests are handled by available staff members. If a request is submitted, we try to accommodate, however there are instances in which our workload does not permit us to be available. In these cases, we are happy to secure an outside professional photographer for you. The average rate for photography is $250 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

We ask that you submit a request for photography no less than two weeks in advance.

The Office of Instructional Technology also offers photography service through Multimedia Specialist Adela Gott. You may also choose to contact Adela to secure photography of your event.