Procedures: Reviewing Materials

The Communications and Marketing staff provides the university community with writing, editing, event planning and marketing consultation services. When submitting a project for editing, please allow a minimum of four business days for turn-around time.

Submitting Materials for Review

Although individual departments often custom-develop materials for specific offerings or events, materials intended for external distribution should be submitted to the Office of Communications and Brand Marketing, the Office of Printing Services and Graphic Design and the Office of Web Development, as appropriate, for review to ensure brand consistency. Doing so preserves the integrity of the information for the benefit of the university's overall image. For consultation on a project or to submit materials for review, please contact:

Office of Communications and Marketing: 210.829.6001 or
Office of Printing Services and Graphic Design: 210.829.3957 or
Office of Web Development: 210.805.5815 or

Dating Materials

Please date all materials for reference, this will help to alleviate confusion and ensure that the latest version is distributed. Reference the month and year of publication in the bottom corner of your publication.