The Honors LLC is a collaboration between Residence Life and the UIW Honors Program. This community primarily serves first year, first time in college students who are selected by the Honors Program to reside on the floor.

The Experience

Students participating in the Honors LLC can expect to have programming focused on the honors curriculum and common read. We will host opportunities for professors and Honors Program staff to facilitate programming within the hall. The Resident Assistant (RA) on the floor is an upperclassmen member from the Honors Program selected to support not only the needs of the Honors LLC members on the floor, but the rest of the building community as well. Expect to join other Honors community members at programs hosted by the UIW Honors Program both within the hall, on campus, and more. More information about the UIW Honors Program can be found on the Honors website.

The Community

The Honors LLC is located in Dubuis Hall. The community is co-ed and comprised of double rooms with a community restroom. The floor also has a study room and the building has a large lounge and kitchen. For a virtual tour of Dubuis Hall, please click here to watch on Youtube.

Participants in the Honors LLC will be expected to be active participants in sponsored activities, as well as academic success within the classroom.

The Application Process

To be considered for the Honors Living and Learning Community, please complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm acceptance to the UIW Honors Program
  2. Confirm desire to reside in Living and Learning Community with Honors Program
  3. Complete housing application via the Student Housing Portal found in Cardinal Apps
    1. For information regarding how to apply for housing, please visit our Housing Information page or review a tutorial in our How-To and Documents page
  4. Confirm acceptance into the UIW Honors LLC

Contact Information

Honors Program General Email


Katherine Burke - Assistant Director of Residence Life

Phone: (210) 805-5865