Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation Policy

(Section 18.3 in the Employee Handbook)

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that dialogue between supervisors and employees:

  • Includes professional development, expectations, objectives, and appropriate recognition; and
  • Promotes development through encouragement, motivation, recognition and appropriate rewards.


The employee performance evaluation process will be administered in such a way as to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To provide employees with full and accurate information concerning their performance;
  • To identify performance elements that employees do well and those elements which require improvement;
  • To establish plans to correct performance shortcomings; and
  • To provide a basis for linking employee performance to merit increases in wage or salary.


This administrative directive applies to all Administrator/Staff employees of UIW.


Each supervisor is responsible for conducting performance evaluations for each employee assigned to his or her work area in accordance with the following schedule:

  • All regular, full-time Administrator/Staff employees will receive at least one formal evaluation during a calendar year;
  • Evaluations will occur during the first quarter of the next calendar year; and
  • For newly-hired employees, a special evaluation will occur at 3 months and at 6 months during the introductory period.

The Human Resources Office will maintain a system to initiate the process, assist supervisors in completing performance evaluations on a timely basis, and collect the completed forms for inclusion in the employee's personnel file. The timely processing of performance evaluations is the responsibility of the supervisor.

Approvals of all performance evaluations are required by the employee's immediate supervisor plus the next management level.

Evaluation Discussion

Supervisors will hold discussions with their employees regarding their performance evaluations. These discussions should be held at pre-arranged times in private locations free from interruptions. Employees will be asked to review and sign their performance evaluation forms.

Key elements of the evaluation discussion are:

  • Review of the performance evaluation – the supervisor will be prepared to discuss the evaluation on each of the rated factors and the summary. Both performance strengths and shortcomings will be covered.
  • Review in detail any necessary steps that must be taken by the employee to improve their performance during the next evaluation period.
  • Supervisors should make every effort to involve the employee in the discussion of the evaluation. Gaining agreement and commitment is the best way to ensure that improvement plans are understood and increases the likelihood that actual improvement will result.


In cases where an employee disagrees with an evaluation, the employee should discuss their concerns with their immediate supervisor in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the employee may appeal the rating in writing to their respective Vice President. The decision of the Vice President is final. Performance evaluations are not covered by the Grievance Process contained in Chapter 12.