Cardinal Apps


Did you know there are over 30 different applications that UIW employees and students may have to sign into? In order to keep things simple, rather than have 30 logins, we have typically deployed technologies that enabled “Single Sign On” so you can use your university email and password to sign into all the different applications you might need.

During the summer of 2019 UIW will be consolidating the “Single Sign On” (or SSO) process into a new modern product that is easier to use, offers better security, is more reliable, and will allow even more features down the road. This new unified interface is called Cardinal Apps, powered by technology from a company named Okta. By fall of 2019, Cardinal Apps and our new community website will replace the current myWord Portal.

What this means to me

You will first notice that when you click a link for an application that has been moved to Cardinal Apps you will see a new sign in screen that looks like the picture below. This is normal and expected!

The FIRST time you ever login through Cardinal Apps you will be asked to finish setting up your account. This process is outlined here and takes just a minute. This step will be very valuable in the future if you want to quickly reset your password.

After the initial setup, you will simply sign in with your username and password and then you will be in the application just like before. Easy!


Over the summer several applications will be moved to Cardinal Apps each week. This allows us to adequately test and make sure there are no hiccups. Until the migration date, the application will still perform exactly as it did and be available in the same location.

After apps are migrated, they will be accessible through the Cardinal Apps button on the front page of the community website or by directly visiting Cardinal Apps site.

These are tentative dates that may change depending on specific application vendors timeliness. The schedule will be updated every week.

30th of May

  • RingCentral (UIW Phone system)
  • Gartner (Database for Technology Research)
  • eMedley (SOM learning management system)
  • Mimecast/Ataata (Information Security Training Site)

5th of June

  • Adobe (Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Sign)
  • eMedley (SOM Learning Management System)
  • Tableau / DASH (UIW Institutional Research SysteM0
  • Poll Everywhere (Survey tool used in a variety of classes)
  • Zoom (Video Teleconferencing System)

13th of June

  • Office365 (Email and One Drive)
  • Echo 360 (Lecture Capture System)
  • TeamDynamix (Project Management software)
  • PeopleAdmin (Hiring and Personnel Management)

20th of June

  • Engage / GivePulse (Scheduling tool)
  • Sedona (Faculty records management)
  • CourseEval (UIW)

27th of June

  • Banner (INB / 9) (Banner tool for numerous financial activities)
  • BannerWeb (Personal information and activities for staff and students)
  • BDM / Xtender (Document management system related to Banner)
  • DegreeWorks (Used to audit degree progression)
  • Cashnet (UIW Payment systems)
  • Cardinal Cars (System for parking passes)

Through Month of July

  • GradesFirst (Student Support)
  • iGrad (Financial literacy and career resources
  • Rave Alert (Emergency alerting)
  • StarRez (Residential housing)
  • SmartCatalog (Curriculum support)
  • Argos (Report development)
  • Blackboard (Learning Management System)
    • May change on completion of other required technical work
  • Others

Things to do now

If you are ambitious and want to be ahead of the game visit Cardinal Apps site and finish your account setup now according to the instructions. At that point all you will ever have to do is just login to your apps going forward.

The Future of the myWord Portal

Application links in the myWord Portal will be removed after migration to Cardinal Apps. Once all application migrations are completed in late summer / early fall of 2019 the current portal will be permanently redirected to the new community website. There will be more communication sent to the community before this transition is final.

Things to do next

In the coming weeks we will be publishing additional instructions on more advanced features. None of these are required today but will be available should you desire even more information on this exciting system.

Take Cardinal Apps to the next level

  • Download the “OKTA” app for easy access to all your UIW apps on the go
  • Use the Cardinal Apps button on the website to see the entire app catalog
  • Add the Okta plugin to your browser to ensure all your apps are a click away

Get super secure

  • Download the “OKTA VERFIY” app to become a security boss
  • Learn how to easily reset your password from the Cardinal Apps login interface