General Technology and Software Purchase Requests

Effective Date: June 1, 2016 / Updated Jan 1, 2021

Contact: Chris Nelson , Technology Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator


The General Technology and Software Purchase Request policy provides for a central and consistent purchasing of technology devices and software. This allows the University to take advantage of existing partnerships to reduce costs and ensure that the devices and solutions we employ for University purposes are widely manageable by our support teams.


Generally speaking, technology items require the approval of the Technology Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator prior to being purchased using University funds. This process applies to technology items that are not desktop or laptop computers (and related workstation peripherals), as those devices are managed under the Computer Refresh Program.

Exclusions to this are audiovisual items such as digital displays, conference/meeting room equipment, or specialty audiovisual equipment such as broadcast and recording equipment, photography equipment, and the like. Items of this nature should be submitted to the Instructional Technology team at for review and handling.

Printers are also excluded from the scope of this policy. The University operates a centrally managed printer program, which provides for common area printers in lieu of separate units in various offices. All printers are maintained and operated through this arrangement. As a result, IT does not support the acquisition and maintenance of individual desktop printers and the associated supplies such as toner.


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