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Teaching Remotely - Synchronously and Asynchronously

From time to time, external challenges may require face-to-face instruction be moved online. In many cases, it will be wise to use scheduled class time for doing things like presenting lectures through Zoom. Most instructors will also provide activities that students complete at other times. UIW possesses multiple technological and human resources to ensure that both synchronous and asynchronous instruction can continue without issue in a virtual environment. Remember to stay calm and wash your hands.

What Tools Do I Need to Teach Online?

Web Camera Open
Microphone Open
High Speed Internet Open

How Do I Communicate with Students?

Blackboard Announcements Open
Email Open
Zoom Conference Open

How Do I Share Instructional Materials and Resources?

Lecture Open
Show a PowerPoint Open
Share Links Open
Share Files Open

How Do I Administer Assessments?

Create a Test Open
Create a Survey in Blackboard Open
Create a Survey in Microsoft Forms Open
Take a Poll Open

How Do I Create and Collect Assignments?

Blackboard Assignment Tool Open
Email Open
Journal Entry Open

How Do I Conduct Discussions and Other Course Activities?

Whole Class Discussion Open
Small Group Discussions Open
Students Reviewing Each Other’s Work Open
General Tips for Improving the Quality of Online Discussions Open

How Do I Encourage Student Engagement Online?

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Flipgrid Open
StudyMate Open

What Else Do I Need to Know?

General Discussions of Online Teaching Open
Assessing Contributions to the Discussion Board Open
More Specialized Resources Open
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Need Help?

Workshops on Teaching Remotely will be held online the following dates and times:

  • April 7 (6:00 pm - 6:45 pm) - Five Things to Do During Your Zoom Meeting:
    • Monitor the Chat
    • Take Attendance
    • Manage Participants
  • April 8 (6:00 pm - 6:45 pm) - Five Things to Do During Your Zoom Meeting:
    • Share Screen(s)
    • Use Zoom Whiteboard Function
  • April 9 (6:00 pm - 6:45 pm) - Five Things to Do During Your Zoom Meeting:
    • Navigate the Zoom Toolbar
    • Manage Gallery/Speak View

Each workshop will feature short session on a variety of pertinent issues and useful tools which will help UIW faculty transition to online teaching.

Zoom link for online workshops

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