classroom technology

Classroom Technology

Classroom A/V Technology

Our technology-enhanced classrooms foster opportunities for teaching and learning. Our classrooms support video projection from teacher computers and support laptops and other peripherals.

In general, our technology enhanced classrooms are equipped with the following:

  • Ceiling-mounted LCD projector and projection screen
  • Laptop connectivity DVD / VCR Combo Units Sound system
  • Button or touch-screen AV control system
  • AUX-audio input

Some classrooms have additional resources, which may include

  • Microphone (wireless hand-held and/or lavaliere)
  • Document Camera Wireless Presenter/Mouse
  • USB extension cable for Flash drive

Classroom Technology Support:

UIW Help Desk Phone Support
On campus: ext. 2721
Local: (210) 829-2721
Toll Free: 1-866-614-5043

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