IRD Multimedia and Convergent Media

Multimedia/Convergent Media

What We Can Do for You

Maybe you have a great idea for a video or multimedia project, but don't know where to start. Multimedia and Convergent Media Services can help determine your next steps.

Set up a meeting with the professional staff to learn about the design and production process. First, determine the nature of the project, its purpose, the intended audience our professionals will be working with you.

Multimedia and Convergent Media have some overlap, but deliver differentiated services depending on the nature of the proposed project. This meeting will develop the best method that will meet your needs.

The next step is for you to develop an outline, script and storyboard for your project. Although our staff can assist you in learning what these steps entail, you are the content expert in this team effort. We also need for you to identify resources – people and research materials – to be used in the production.

Multimedia Services

Working with those faculty who need to record classes or events, create media for their courses or who want to learn media techniques as part of their professional development Multimedia Services is available to support video and audio recording and photography. The Multimedia Specialist will guide you in selecting and using the correct hardware and software that will give the best results.

Call the Multimedia Specialist, Adela Gott, at 210.829.3946, or email for more information.

Convergent Media

Convergent Media Services works with university staff by supplying equipment, training, and technical advice. It'll also help with defining the best platform for the finished project.

Additionally, UIWcm administers the university's online educational media such as Blackboard's video repository, Kaltura, and the Zoom web-conference tool.

It also assists the Communication Arts Department with the,, and websites.

Contact Convergent Media or (210) 832-2156 to see what it can do for you.