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Video Conferencing at UIW

Video conferencing provides the power to hop on a call and collaborate with colleagues in real-time within seconds. UIW Academic Technology installs, designs and supports video conferencing systems throughout the university's class and meeting rooms.

UIW faculty, staff, and students will inevitably use video conferencing at some stage in their journey at UIW. While you may come across different options when meeting with external colleagues, UIW IT supplies, endorses, and officially supports both Zoom and Microsoft Teams as video conferencing tools.

Best Practices for Video Conferencing

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Who can get Zoom and is there a cost?

Zoom video conferencing is available at no cost to all actively affiliated faculty and staff, and students who are actively enrolled in classes at UIW! If you are a part of the School of Osteopathic Medicine, your Zoom license details might differ... contact a Software Specialist for specific limitations, inquiries, or concerns.


Zoom helps everyone collaborate online wherever you are and offers the ability to...

  • Hold meetings and classes online
  • Share screens and content
  • Chat with video, audio, and text (through an in-meeting chat)
  • Conduct in-meeting polls
  • Record meetings and classes
  • Invite up to 300 participants
    • These participants can be "Non-Zoomers" or fully licensed folks

Get Started

Zoom is available online or downloaded to the desktop (local app). It's recommended to download and use the desktop application.

Online (web-browser)

  • Head to Cardinal Apps and click on the 'Zoom' icon.
    • Here, you can edit your account settings/options and join, start, and schedule meetings.

Desktop (local app)

For video instructions, follow this tutorial from Zoom. Alternatively, you may follow the written instructions below.

  • Head to their download page and click on the top 'Zoom Client for Meetings' option. Download and install the file.
    • Here, you can also download and install Zoom plugins for a variety of other apps (Outlook, Teams, mobile, browsers) but they aren't necessary.
  • To sign into the desktop app for the first time...
    1. Choose the ' SSO' option on the login page (Displayed with a key icon)
    2. In the box that says 'Enter your company domain' type " uiw" (Without the quotation marks)
    3. Click the blue ' Continue' button. Your browser should open and take you to the UIW SSO page.
    4. Enter your Username and Password (The same one used to get into Cardinal Apps)
    5. You'll receive a prompt to open Zoom again, and you will be signed in.

Scheduling and Prepping for a Meeting

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Joining and Managing Meetings

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Education and Engagement in Zoom

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Cloud Recoding Retention Policy

All recordings of meetings that have been configured to save to the cloud will only be retained for 30 days from the date of the recording. UIW IT recommends routine reviews of all archived content in Zoom to make sure you keep what you need. Please know that, starting with seven days out from the expiration date you'll receive multiple emails alerting you of any expiring content. These emails include instructions and options to move or save the content into another format.

Recording Meetings

Local Recordings Open
Cloud Recordings Open


Start by heading to Zoom's support portal, as it hosts hundreds to thousands of articles on troubleshooting audio/video, the flexibility of Zoom in elearning, and otter experiences.