Mobile Device Guidelines

Smart phone and cell phone mobile devices are supported by ITS as described below. Use of these devices for voice and data must comply with the Acceptable Use of Information Resources policy. Support services and levels comply with the ITS Service Level Agreement.

Types of Mobile Devices

Mobile Tablet (Apple iPad, Dell Streak, etc.)

A mobile device that provides access to web, email, video and photos through a wireless or WIFI connection. These devices are also capable of using a 3G/4G connection, which requires a data plan setup.

SmartPhones (BlackBerry, Droid, iPhone)

A mobile device that provides advanced capabilities beyond a typical cell phone and uses its own system software, such as RIM, Windows Mobile or iPhoneOS. Unlike traditional phones, smart phones typically provide connection to the Internet and UIW's Exchange Server over a cellular infrastructure.

Cell Phones (LG, Motorola)

A mobile phone that is not a smart phone. Typically, cell phones are used for their calling features and not for retrieval of data. They are considered feature phones with proprietary operating system (OS) firmware. If they support third-party software, it is only via a limited interface.

Support Levels and Services

Support Services include activation, setting preferences, and troubleshooting non-functioning devices. Limited support is available to all students, faculty and staff.

General Use

  • Password – A secure passcode should be used on all university owned mobile devices.
  • Leaving the University – All UIW-owned mobile devices must be returned to ITS by the supervisor of the employee so that data can be wiped from the device.
  • Lost Mobile Device – Any lost device must be reported immediately to ITS at extension 2721 or
  • Accessories – all accessories for any device must be purchased directly by the individual or their department. No discounts are provided through vendors for any accessory item.