UIW Telephone Migration


In the spring of 2019, the University replaced its aging Avaya phone system (and limited Cisco pilot effort) with a new telephony solution from RingCentral. This cloud-based, modern unified communications platform provides traditional “dial tone” while bringing many new and improved features to our community.

All users retained their complete existing telephone number and were issued a new handset as part of the transition.

Top Features of RingCentral

  1. Unlimited US and Canada long distance included = NO MORE LONG DISTANCE CODES!
  2. No need to dial ‘9’ to dial outside of UIW just enter the number and call
  3. You still have the ability to dial just the last four numbers for UIW internal calling
  4. Voicemails are delivered to each users email box, with text transcription of the message
  5. Users can access their work phone number on a smartphone with the RC Phone app
  6. Each phone number is SMS text capable … send and receive texts from your work number
  7. Each phone number is also a fax … send a fax to your work number and receive it in email
  8. Integrates Zoom meeting capabilities into overall package unifying all communications tools


Things you can do with your phone

Once your new phone is on your desk, get ahead of the game!   Play around with the phone, you can’t hurt it!   Also, you can change your voicemail PIN and record a voicemail greeting NOW so that you are ready to go as soon as your phone number is migrated.  All settings will stay with your phone after your number is migrated.

  • Change your voicemail PIN
    • Click voicemail Icon -> Enter default user PIN 102030 -> Press 2 -> Press 3
  • OPTIONAL - Record a custom voicemail greeting
    • Click voicemail icon -> Enter Pin -> Press 2 -> Press 2
      • NOTE: The system will use a default voicemail greeting even if you do not record anything and all voicemails are delivered to email by default.

Optional: Using more of your phone's features

Providing "dial tone" and voicemail is our priority in the new system. That said, there are many more features that users are welcome to "try out" if they are comfortable with the basic operation of their handset.  These options and services are NOT required but available for exploration.  Support for these options is limited at this time!  

  • Get the RingCentral Phone app for your smartphone in the iOS and Android apps stores