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Upcoming changes to your Zoom meetings

Scheduled for 27 September 2020

As part of Zoom's ongoing security updates, it will now start requiring the use of either a passcode or waiting room for scheduled meetings. "Passcodes" are Zoom's way of referring to "passwords."

After 27 September, newly created meeting will require the use of the passcode or Waiting Room option.

For those with existing meetings scheduled before this date one of two things will happen: One, If you already have a passcode or Waiting Room on your meeting, things will continue as before. Two, if you have neither of those options active then upcoming meetings will automatically have the Waiting Room feature enabled.

If you'd like to use a passcode on an existing upcoming meeting, you'll need to enable the passcode feature and re-send the meeting's link to participants.

Here's how to use passcodes in Zoom with upcoming meetings (PDF). And here's how to do that with previously created Blackboard-Zoom sessions (PDF).

If you have questions or concerns, contact Instructional Technology Services.

Zoom- Web Conferencing and More

UIW faculty, staff, and students are licensed to use the web-conferencing platform, Zoom, to host or attend online conferences, classes, and webinars. In addition, Zoom can also be used as a lecture-capture tool.

Teleconferencing Recording and Privacy Policy

Zoom can be accessed through Cardinal Apps for general use or accessed within Blackboard courses after being enabled by the primary instructor. Faculty and staff may host Zoom sessions with up to 300 attendees per session. Sessions hosted by faculty and staff may last up to 24 hours. UIW students are able at host Zoom sessions as well. Those sessions are limited to 100 participants and may not be longer than 40 minutes. Sessions may be recorded to a local device or to the Zoom cloud. Recordings must be retrieved from the cloud within 30 days of the recording date.

Contact with questions or concerns.

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