Appeal Process

Any employee or student who believes his/her receipt of traffic or parking violation is unwarranted must follow the procedures below to receive consideration:

  1. Appeals must be presented to the Incarnate Word Police Department within ten (10) days of the issuance of the violation on an approved Violation Notice Appeal Form. Such an appeal must detail the circumstances surrounding the violation and specific reasons for requesting a reassessment of the citation's fine.
  2. All appeals will be given due consideration by the Violation Appeals Committee, composed of five UIW community members: one commuter student, one resident student, one staff employee, one faculty member and one administrator. After reviewing the appeal, the Committee may choose to grant the appeal, deny the appeal, or waive and reduce the assessed charge. The names of the committee members will remain strictly confidential.  The decision of the Violation Appeals Committee is final.
  3. File an appeal here.