S/U Grading Form

Form for Opting into S/U Grading

The decision to replace letter grades with an S or U is a serious decision that could result in unintended consequences. Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisors, as well as Financial Aid and any supplemental funding sources (i.e. VA, ROTC, employer funded scholarships), prior to opting into the S/U grading option. International students should also consult the ISSS Office, before opting into S/U grading.

Before submitting the form below, ensure the following:

  1. You have consulted your academic advisor, Financial Aid, and ISSS, if applicable.
  2. You checked the Spring/Maymester/Summer 2020 S/U and W Grading Policy page to verify that the course(s) for which you are making the request is S/U grading-permissible.
  3. If you still have questions, contact your advisor, so you have clarity and confidence about your decision.

Instructions for Completing the Form

    1. Complete the form in its entirety. Leave no field blank.
    2. Complete ONE form for each semester/term.
    3. Include any courses within the same semester/term on ONE form.
    4. Be sure to read the Statement of Agreement, prior to checking the acknowledgment box.
    5. The form must be completed at one time.  Please have all student and course information ready.