Hazing Policy

University Statement on Hazing

Involvement in student organizations and groups should offer students personal development, education, and enriching experiences. Hazing is a destructive and harassing activity that not only is in opposition to those goals, but also violates state and national laws. In turn, the University of the Incarnate Word regards any form of hazing as an unproductive and hazardous custom contrary to the Mission of UIW. The University of the Incarnate Word issues the following extension of the State of Texas law. Under the current law, individuals or organizations could be subject to fines and charged with a criminal offense for hazing. 

According to the law, a person can commit a hazing offense by engaging in a hazing activity, but also by soliciting, directing, encouraging, aiding, or attempting another in hazing by knowingly or recklessly allowing hazing to occur or by failing to report in writing to the appropriate university official firsthand knowledge that a hazing incident has occurred. The fact that a person consented to or acquiesced in a hazing activity is not a defense to prosecution for hazing under state law. 

Because of UIW’s dedication to the highest ideals of education and society, participation in hazing related activities is not consistent with membership in any university organization or group and will not be tolerated, whether the participation is as an instigator or as a victim. It is the responsibility of all organization officers or groups to ensure that this information is distributed, read and understood by all members of their organization. Ignorance of this information is not a defense to university disciplinary procedures, civil, or criminal liability.  

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