Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs, as defined by the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), are short-term (within a semester) academic based programs, which involve students receiving academic credit for a course. The course includes a study abroad component or the professor may assign an alternate assignment equal to the value of the study abroad component, for those students who do not travel with the class. Courses which include a faculty-led study abroad component must be approved by the faculty's dean prior to offering the course.

Academic Qualifications

Students are required to be in good academic standing and enrolled in the academic course containing a study abroad component. All participants are required to attend and participate in the course. The lead faculty and/or dean reserve the right to deny the student from participating in the study abroad component, at the student's expense, if the student is academically unsuccessful in the class and/or other issues arise (i.e. violations of the UIW Student Code of Conduct).