Other Opportunities

Students choosing to study abroad at a non-sister school will not be registered at UIW for the duration of the semester in which they are abroad. In addition, students studying at a non-sister school will not be able to receive financial aid through the UIW Office of Financial Assistance.

Students attending a non-sister school must complete and submit a Request to Study at Another Institution Form to the Registrar's Office before they depart. The Enrollment Policy for Studying at Another Institution is as follows:

Study at Another Institution

After matriculating at the University as a degree-seeking student, a student must obtain prior written approval to transfer any additional credits from other institutions. The "Request to Study at Another Institution" form is available in the Registrar's Office and must be approved before enrolling for credit elsewhere. Transfer work approved on this form will be accepted and applied toward the degree indicated if the grade earned is a "C" or higher. It will be the student's responsibility to furnish the Registrar's Office with an official transcript reflecting completion of the course work. All institutional policies will be observed when considering all requests to Study at Another Institution. Approval will not be granted if an equivalent course is offered at UIW.

Upon returning from your sojourn, students must apply for re-admission to UIW. Students can visit the Registrar's office website titled Re-Admission to UIW in order to download or submit the required paperwork via online.