How to Apply

STEP 1 – Passport

Do you have your passport? If you already have a passport, be sure to check the expiration date. Many countries require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after you plan to arrive.

Step 2 – Research Your Options

Your study abroad experience has the potential to be a life changing experience. Such an experience deserves a great deal of thought and planning. When researching your options, consider the following:

  • When would you like to go abroad?
  • How long would you like to study abroad?
  • Do you have a particular destination in mind?
  • What is your financial budget?
  • Would you like to learn a new language?
  • Do you need to fulfill any specific requirements for your major or minor?
  • Do you need to fulfill any core requirements?

Refer to the Sister School page to begin researching. You can search for a school by country or by major.

Step 3 – Meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator

Bring a copy of your unofficial transcript and your degree plan. Note: You must have at a minimum GPA of 2.4. Please refer to the eligibility page to check other requirements.

Step 4 – Choose a Program

After reviewing your choices, you should choose which sister school you would like to attend. Each sister school has their own application deadline and may have additional requirements. Please refer to the specific sister school website or ask the Study Abroad Coordinator for more details.

Review your degree plan to determine what courses you will need to take abroad. Take into account whether you will need to fulfill course or major requirements.

Step 5 – Complete the Study Abroad Agreement

Visit with the Study Abroad Adviser to obtain the agreement. The agreement must be submitted before proceeding.

Step 6 - Complete the Request to Study Abroad Form

Once you have selected your courses, list them on the Request to Study Abroad Form. You will then need to obtain signatures from the following academic and administrative departments:

  1. Academic Adviser
    • Ensures that the student is taking courses that adhere to their degree plan.
    • Reviews course outlines from the host institution in order to ensure that the courses are transferable.
  2. Academic Dean
    • Ensures that the student is taking courses that adhere to their degree plan.
    • Reviews course outlines from the host institution in order to ensure that the courses are transferable.
  3. Dean of Student Success
    • Verifies if the student has had any previous academic issues and/or other issues in the classroom (i.e. disciplinary issues, absenteeism, etc.) that would render him/her ineligible to study abroad.
  4. Financial Assistance
    • Verifies financial aid eligibility.
    • Responsible for the disbursement of institutional aid (i.e. GET Award) into student account.
    • Reviews the student’s budget and ensures that the student possesses sufficient financial funds.
    • Informs students about release of refunds.
  5. Study Abroad Coordinator
    • Ensures that student has fulfilled all previous components of the Study Abroad Process.
    • Submits the Request to Study Abroad form to the Registrar's Office on student’s behalf.
  6. Registrar’s Office
    • Verifies academic eligibility.
    • Determines approval or denial of Study Abroad Process for each student.

Note: Your request to participate in a study abroad program may be denied, at any point during the process, by any one or a combination of academic or administrative university representative(s) due reasons such as, but not limited to, poor academic performance and/or disciplinary issues. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to participate in a study abroad program visit with your academic adviser and study abroad coordinator.

Note: Once this form has been submitted to the Registrar's Office you will then be registered as a Study Abroad student; however this does not register you for your specific classes at the host university. You will need to register at your host university either by submitting a course request form or during orientation once you arrive.

Step 7 – Apply for the host school

Note: Step 5 and Step 6 can be completed simultaneously.

Each host school has their own application procedures. In some cases it is an online application and in other cases you must submit a physical application. Please refer to the host school website or ask the Study Abroad Office for specific details on how to apply and what documents to submit.

Step 8 – Apply for a visa (if required)

You must have a passport in order to travel outside your home country; however a visa is different than a passport. A visa is like permission to enter a country. Each country has its own visa policy. Depending on the country where you are studying you may be required to obtain a student visa. Please refer to the country's consulate webpage for specific requirements.
For more information, you can also refer to the U.S. Department of State website. Go to the Entry/Exit Requirements section in the Country Specific Information for the country you are interested in.

Step 9 – Purchase Travel and Health Insurance

UIW requires students to have international health insurance before traveling abroad. You should contact your current insurance provider and see if your policy covers you while abroad. If it does, please request a letter stating that you are covered in that specific country.
If you are not covered, then you can purchase International Health Insurance online. There are several companies which offer both international health insurance and travel insurance.

Step 10 – Book your flight

Please note that $1,000 is included in your consortium form for transportation; however the cost of the actual flight may be more than $1,000. This cost is included in your budget; however you are responsible for purchasing your flight.

Step 11 – Attend the Pre-Departure Session

All students are required to attend the Pre-Departure Session prior to studying abroad. For students studying abroad in the summer and fall the Pre-Departure Session will be held in April. For students studying abroad in the spring, the Pre-Departure Session will be held in November.

The Pre-Departure Session includes valuable information on procedures, safety, health, culture shock, keeping in touch, and packing. During this session you will be asked to submit copies of your passport, visa, flight itinerary and international health insurance. You will also sign and submit several important forms including a waiver and emergency contact form. Parents are welcome to attend.

STEP 12 – Register at the Embassy online.

Register with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate at the Department of State travel registration page. Registration is important; it allows the State Department to assist U.S. citizens in an emergency.