Steps to Study Abroad

faqThe Financial Aid Office of University of the Incarnate Word is committed to UIW’s institutional globalization goals. Decisions concerning financial assistance awards to support international study are made by the Office of Financial Aid, not by the Office of Study Abroad.

Assistance is provided in the Office of Study Abroad as students document their financial needs and prepare a budget preliminary to their discussions with the Office of Financial Aid, but the student is solely responsible for accurate estimates and supporting documentation for the financial aid needed and requested for the international study period.

Students are advised to take this process very seriously and to take responsibility for the requests made to the Office of Financial Aid. Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about financial assistance to support international study.

Frequently Asked Questions list

How do I apply for study abroad financial assistance? Open
If I am interested in becoming an Exchange Student, where do I register for classes? Open
Can my financial aid be used for study abroad if I am not an Exchange Student? Open
What are eligible costs under both Exchange Student status and Study Abroad status? Open
When do I have access to the eligible financial aid funds? Open
Does the student receive an advance of cash to pay for the costs associated with international study? Open
What is my responsibility in this process? Open
Where do I start with the planning process? Open

Contact us if you have questions or concerns along the way:

Office of Financial Assistance
4301 Broadway Box 308
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Phone: 210.829.6008
Fax: 210-283-5053
Website: Financial Assistance