LSAT Test Preparation

About the Program:

The University of the Incarnate Word has partnered with Educational Testing Consultants (ETC), a leader in higher education test preparation, to offer online and in-person test prep courses for the LSAT. Each year, Educational Testing Consultants helps thousands of students at major colleges and universities across the United States. Educational Testing Consultants provides a proven program with a record of success and highly trained, top-quality instructors. Learn more about Educational Testing Consultants at

Who Should Take the LSAT Test Prep Class?

All American Bar Association (ABA) Certified Law Schools require a valid LSAT score as part of the admissions process. This course is ideal for current undergraduates, recent graduates, and anyone looking to apply to law school. The LSAT is a paper-based test that is administered four times annually. It is recommended that students take the LSAT Test Prep class as close to their chosen exam date as possible.

Course Description

ETC's intensive LSAT prep program includes a total of 30 hours of instruction from experienced exam preparation professionals. The easy-to-follow program uses proven techniques to simplify the LSAT. The LSAT course uses questions from actual LSAT exams, so that you know your preparation is as close to the real thing as possible. LSAT textbooks, updated study guides, diagnostic exams, and expert instruction are all included.

LSAT Prep Classes Offer:

Expert Instructors: ETC's instructors are highly trained professionals. Their professional instructors know the LSAT and the law school application experience.

Proven Strategies: The program was developed by LSAT experts, who have years of experience writing LSAT exam questions and preparing students for success on the exam.

Superior Materials: The LSAT Prep Course includes 20 practice tests. You will receive 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V and 10 New Actual LSAT PrepTests with Comparative Reading . Students also receive the updated LSAT Course Workbook .

Flexible Schedule Option: Strategically scheduled courses help ensure that you will perform at your peak on exam day. The online schedule option is offered throughout the year to help you prepare for the LSAT exam date of your choice.

Live-Online Classes

Live-Online classes offer the flexibility of attending class from anywhere and at any time. The virtual classroom provides you with the opportunity to interact in real-time with ETC's expert instructors with the added benefit of watching recordings of your class sessions at your convenience for up to 30 days after the course ends.

System Requirements:

The Live-Online LSAT Prep Course is offered online using Adobe Connect, a free browser plug-in. All you need are a high-speed internet connection, speakers or head phones, and Adobe Flash Player, which can also be downloaded for free.

Course materials will be delivered directly to your home. We recommend registering at least four business days in advance of the class start date to ensure timely delivery of your student package.

L­SAT Course Content

Logical Reasoning Topics Include:

  • Easy-to-apply strategies for solving different types of Logical Reasoning questions appearing on the test
  • Logical concepts, including inferences involving conditional statements and the key tool of counterexamples
  • An overview of the most common fallacies found in Logical Reasoning Flaw questions

Analytical Reasoning Topics Include:

  • A taxonomy of Analytical Reasoning game types and tips for setting up types of game found on the LSAT
  • Tips for quickly representing the game’s rules in shorthand, and for combining these rules into powerful “super rules”
  • Tips for using answers to previous questions to quickly eliminate incorrect answer choices on subsequent questions

Reading Comprehension Topics Include:

  • A full description of Reading Comprehension passage types
  • A step-by-step approach to questions that concern the passage as a whole
  • Identifying key words in the question that indicate how to use the passage to find the correct answer
  • Recognizing the correct answer after narrowing the choices down to two

General Topics Include:

  • Utilizing the process of elimination
  • Mastering time management skills
  • Minimizing test anxiety
  • Identifying common distracters

For questions or more information regarding the Educational Testing Consultant's Test Prep courses, please contact ETC at (210) 301-0358 or