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"Our ability to harness this data and use it to inform what we do in the classroom, whether face-to-face or online, is at the heart of learning analytics." Dietz-Uhler, B., & Hurn, J. E. (2013). Using Learning Analytics to Predict (and Improve) Student Success: A Faculty Perspective. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 12(1), 17.

What is Canvas New Analytics? and How can you message students using New Analytics?

Canvas News

Known Issue: Copying Causes Broken Images in New Quizzes

Impact: Instructor Workflow, Student User Experience, Academic Success

Do you use images in New Quizzes? Canvas engineers are working on a known issue where Copy To and the Import Existing Content processes cause broken image links in New Quizzes, but there is no resolution currently. If you copy a quiz or your course, the images in New Quizzes no longer display properly for your students. Refer to our solution article and contact your instructional designer for assistance.

New Quizzes Broken Images Guide


Accessibility Report - What's Your Score?

Impact: Content Editing, Accessibility Compliance, Inclusive Education

Every Canvas course includes an Accessibility Report in the course navigation menu. Learn your score, then follow the feedback provided to improve the state of digital content in your course. Let's strive for 80% or higher this year while we continuously improve.

Ally Accessibility Report Guide


Mobile Offline Mode for Spotty Internet Situations

Impact: Time Management, Flexibility, Student User Experience

Does your favorite reading spot have weak Internet or maybe a friend is driving you out of town this weekend? Students can now sync course content to view as read-only via mobile app when offline. This feature does not support participation actions, like submitting assignments, discussion posts, or quizzes, and may not be compatible with external apps that require Internet to function.

Canvas Student app release 7.0 for Apple requires iOS15.0 and Android requires 8.0.


New Quizzes Toggle Scores from Raw Points to Percentage

Impact: Instructor Workflow, Assessment Data

Do you review student performance in the New Quizzes Moderate page? Instructors can now switch between percentages and raw points in the score display column.

Moderation Page in New Quizzes Guide

Instructional App News

Bookings for Appointment Scheduling

Impact: Instructor Workflow, Productivity, Student User Experience, Academic Success

Plan your fall office hours using the convenience of online booking. Microsoft Bookings makes it easier than ever to support students beyond the classroom, reduce scheduling barriers, and facilitate communication when they need it.

Bookings with Me Guides


Copilot - Your AI Companion

Impact: Productivity

Your UIW credentials give you access to the Microsoft Copilot website - there's no need to pay for ChatGPT Plus. Use the chat interface to ask questions, request info, give prompts, summarize bodies of text, create images, or even write code snippets.

Access Copilot to Get Started


Loop is About Collaboration

Impact: Instructor Workflow, Productivity, Project Management, Teamwork

We know you're working together out there, but how are your collaborative efforts going? Consider MS Loop to streamline drafting, editing, tracking progress, communications, and more. We promise it's an efficient solution worthy of your attention.

Unveiling the Power of Loop: Guide to Latest Features


Qualtrics Data Imports to MAXQDA

Impact: Research and Scholarship

Looking for a qualitative or mixed method analysis tool? UIW offers all faculty, staff, and students MAXQDA. Import your Qualtrics survey data to systematically organize, evaluate, and interpret the responses.

Export Data from Qualtrics and Import into MAXQDA


Trim Online Videos with Stream

Impact: Instructor Workflow, Productivity, Video Management

Have a video with an awkward silence, small error, or part that's outdated? You can now trim videos in Microsoft Stream. Simply save the video file in OneDrive or SharePoint to utilize this handy feature.

How to Trim Videos in Microsoft Stream


Upskill with LinkedIn Learning

Impact: Professional Development and Training

Browse new releases or chat with LinkedIn Learning's AI-Powered Coaching feature to find your next learning opportunity. With topics for public speaking, marketing, senior leadership, accessible content development, and more, there's sure to be a course for you.

Get Started with LinkedIn Learning

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