Kelso Art Complex

The Grants Office

The new Fine Arts Complex, completed in October 2015, contains the Kelso Art Center, the renovated Concert Hall, and the new Music Building. Over 73,000 square feet of space is dedicated to arts education, performance and exhibition. The Grants Office helped to raise $9 million for the project located at the corner of Broadway and Hildebrand.

Thank you for visiting us. The Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations (FCGR, or The Grants Office) is responsible for cultivating donor relationships with corporations, philanthropic foundations, and local, state, and federal government agencies. The office also helps to lead the university's legislative advocacy efforts.

The Grants Office conducts research to determine opportunities for funding and submits proposals and applications accordingly. The office is not only reactive, assisting faculty and administrators in developing and preparing proposals, but it is also proactive, initiating projects and writing the proposals to seek funding for them.

Drone development team

Two UIW students work on their autonomous air vehicles in Dr. Michael Frye's Department of Defense-funded drone laboratory project. The Grants Office assisted Dr. Frye in winning the grant award.