Why You Should Pursue a Grant

There are many reasons why faculty and administrators should pursue grant opportunities.

For example:

  • To develop a research project or a program idea;
  • To create research, academic, or training opportunities for students;
  • To purchase new equipment that allows you to enhance the research and training capabilities of your college or department;
  • To enhance your professional portfolio (merit and tenure);
  • To develop a project that will fulfill your intellectual curiosity;
  • To enhance resources that attract new students and faculty. For example, you might consider a grant that funds student scholarships or that allows you to create a pipeline from high school or junior college;
  • To develop curriculum and provide faculty training;
  • To enhance and grow the brand of your college/school and of the university;
  • To undertake a project that contributes to student learning, serves the community, and fulfills the UIW mission.