Instructional Technology

What We Do

In support of the UIW mission, The Office of Instructional Technology provides faculty and staff with the pedagogical tools, training, and technical support needed to promote student engagement and success as well as enhance and improve teaching, research, and administrative operations.


Instructional Technology provides training and support for faculty, students and staff. Training is available in a variety for formats including online, classroom and one on one. On-demand training resources are available as either video tutorials and printable handouts.

For more information contact Terence Peak at (210) 829-3920 or by email at

Instructional Design

At UIW our Instructional Designers are trained in instructional pedagogy and theory. Our Instructional Designers can help you plan and develop instructional content for any portion of your course. They study current research and emerging trends to ensure that the instructional experience is best suited for the goals and objectives for face-2-face, flip classroom, hybrid, and/or online courses. Learn more about Instructional Design.


Multimedia Services provided by InsTech at UIW include graphic design, photography, video and audio recording and editing of lectures, presentations and special events. Large-format printing is arranged and scheduled through the Multimedia Specialist. Explore our Multimedia Services.

Convergent Media

Convergent Media (UIWcm) handles requests for media placement and website platforms. Working from client-provided scripts and storyboards, UIWcm assists in creating the instructional material, as well as converting visual and audio formats for use in different locations, e.g., getting video uploaded to a web-hosting service such as YouTube or Kaltura. Learn more about UIWcm.

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