Canto Feature List


Folders and Albums provide easily identifiable sorting for our assets, plus shortcuts allow you to quickly sort through content alphabetically, by date, or by file type with a single click.

Smart Albums provide a quick go-to option for finding assets by their file type, including: Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Presentations, and Other formats.

Keywords, tags, and smart tags give our media files more context and makes them easier to search for.

Assets don’t have to just be accessed from folders and albums – create your own personal Collection of favorited files in Canto.


Global Search is Canto’s simple-to-use default search. The results of a Global Search include any relevant details of the searched text: file names, metadata, dimensions and any other piece of information.

Hone in on exact details for specific results, including searching by categories, descriptions, old comments, metadata and more. Advanced Searches can be done within previous search results as well.

Quickly sort through files by content type, statuses, metadata, the user that originally uploaded the file, dates and more.

Custom fields have been created for UIW-specific attributes. Search by department, school, program, level, and more!

Powered by Amazon’s Rekognition technology, find executives, athletes, and other colleagues across the Library instantly.

Visual Previews

Preview video files in full high-definition, from start to finish.

See full-screen previews of images, and quickly view any attached metadata for added context.

View full layouts of Adobe InDesign documents and know the materials you’re working with.

Scroll through multipage documents and Powerpoint presentations, and view the text contents in the file’s description.

Share and Download

Portals are Canto’s way of making smaller, separate libraries to share content to users outside of UIW (think parents, students, and other guests). Select the specific assets to make available, restrict sharing and download capabilities, make them private or public, and customize them with unique colors and branding.

Forego the need for Photoshop! With Advanced Download Options users have the ability to crop, zoom and adjust the image quality before download.

Your UIW team has configured presets to help you quickly download assets in predetermined sizes needed for the CMS, social media, and more!

Share directly to social media sites and file storage services, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Slack, Box, Dropbox and more.


Style Guides allow you to easily locate UIW’s brand colors, logos, sample imagery, typography and key messaging.

Optional watermarks can be automatically applied to image files upon downloading.

User Roles

Administrators are responsible for configuring and managing Canto. Canto Admins can be reached at for assistance.

Select personnel across UIW has been provided the Contributor role, who are able to contribute new assets into Canto. Select Contributors can directly upload to the Library, while others upload them to a separate area pending review and approval by an assigned admin.

All faculty and staff at UIW are defaulted to the Consumer role and can access Canto via Cardinal Apps. Consumers have limited access in Canto; they can download, preview and share digital assets, but cannot edit content, upload files or adjust UIW’s Canto account.


Powered by AWS, Amazon Web Services is one of the safest and most flexible cloud systems available. All assets are stored and safeguarded by an SSL Encryption which allows for security with a 99.8% uptime.

Administrators in Canto can setup permissions for all UIW users. Permissions can be configured to be group-based, and assets can be accessed only after they’re approved.

Canto gives users different ways to safely share their assets. Users can carefully share content to outside collaborators with Portals, develop new materials in private Workspaces, and set expiration dates on share links and emails to protect time-sensitive assets.

Canto automatically extracts copyright information upon upload, or users can add it themselves. Terms and conditions can be applied to any file, and Consumers must accept them before downloading content.

Content can be controlled with Approvals, which gives each asset it’s own status. Assets marked as “Approved” can be shared and edited in Portals, while files marked “Pending” or “Restricted” will only be seen by a select few. Assets can also be marked for expiration, which makes them “Approved” only to a specified date.


Administrators and Contributors can set up their own private Workspaces to collaborate on media assets. Content that’s developed in Workspaces is hidden from everyone else until it’s deemed ready for the Main Library.

Every asset in Canto has its own Comments section for users to leave notes in. Comments can be targeted towards specific users and groups, which triggers an in-app notification and email for every new message.


Administrators can choose which charts to display in a dashboard to report on top file shares, user logins, file storage and more.

Detailed reports show how users are engaging with certain images, videos and other digital assets stored in Canto. See top downloads, search terms and more.

Canto keeps record of version histories, plus users can run reports to audit who has downloaded which files and when. See the top shares, top tags, top keywords, top search terms and more.


Connect many apps directly to the Canto media Library to improve uploading, editing, and sharing.