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Canto is a web-based, digital asset management system (DAM) used to upload, store, manage and share digital assets, such as photos and videos, across UIW. With collaboration of various departments, including the Office of Communications & Brand Marketing, Athletics, Web Development, and Digital Strategy & Marketing, users may find over 70K assets that have been organized and tagged with helpful metadata to make the searching process quick and easy!

Canto is available for use by all UIW staff and faculty, and can be accessed from Cardinal Apps—no additional login required. UIW community members are encouraged to browse the Canto library to locate assets needed to refresh images on UIW websites, to post on official social media accounts, and to produce communications materials, such as brochures, presentations, and posters.

The system is primarily intended to store approved communication and marketing-related assets that have been pre-authorized by signed waivers, and is not intended for research, academic, or other types of digital assets. Canto is not available for personal use.


  • Centrally managed repository that securely stores digital assets for UIW in one location
  • Self-service tool allows users to find an array of assets shared by departments across UIW
  • Bulk uploading, tagging, downloading, and sharing of digital assets if needed
  • Automatic daily backups of assets and metadata
  • Create public portals to share event or unit-specific assets with students, parents, and other guests
  • Connect to third-party applications to facilitate bulk uploading, plus optimize photo and video editing with Adobe Creative Suite integrations

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All faculty and staff at UIW may access and use the images shared in Canto by logging in to Cardinal Apps.

Usage and Rights

Assets uploaded to Canto must be appropriate and be accompanied by a signed UIW media release, exceptions include public events and UIW events where signage permitting photos have been posted. Contributors (users with upload permissions) are responsible for ensuring adequate waivers have been signed and stored for any assets uploaded into Canto. Consumers are allowed to use any assets in Canto for authorized UIW communications materials and on authorized UIW media channels. With a few exceptions noted in the file’s metadata, consumers generally do not need to request special permissions to use any assets in Canto. However, all users are responsible for ensuring they follow established procedures to create marketing materials.

Assets in Canto must not be utilized for personal reasons, posted to personal accounts, used in non-UIW communications or for commercial use.

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