Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Who can use Canto? Open
How does it work? Open
Who administers the application? Open
Are assets stored in Canto backed up? Open
Is there a limit to the number of assets can be stored in Canto? Open
Who is currently contributing assets to Canto? Open
My department is interested in uploading assets to Canto, how can I get access? Open
I saw an asset that I don’t think is appropriate, or is of poor quality. How can I report the asset? Open
Does Canto integrate to the Cascade CMS to allow for quick access to photos within the website platform? Open

FAQs for Contributors

What types of assets add to Canto? Open
What assets are appropriate to load into Canto? Open
Can we add our department’s own folder in Canto? Open
Is there a limit on the file size that can be uploaded? Open
What are the DPI requirements of images to upload into Canto? Open
Do my files need to have a standardized naming convention before uploading to Canto? Open
Who will upload my images into Canto, add the necessary metadata, and organize them accordingly? Open
How do I prevent my images from being overused? Open
What is the minimum amount of metadata I must include with my assets? Open

Security, Privacy, Use

Who will see the images I upload into Canto? Open
Can I share assets with media entities? Open
What is the appropriate use of Canto assets? Open
Do I need to have a signed photo release before I upload images? Open
Being able to download people’s pictures and post them on social media platforms without permission brings up privacy issues; have you addressed that? Open
What rights do I need in order to upload an asset to Canto? Open
Do I need image releases from all people who appear in an image? Open
May I identify students by name in the photo metadata? Open
Can I prevent users from editing and then reusing my images? Open
Is there a standard Copyright Notice for images whose copyright belongs to UIW? Open
What about images taken by non-UIW employees, such as volunteers, alumni or freelance photographer or videographers? Do I need permission from them to use their images? Open

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