Campus Status

Campus Status: Normal

This page provides the University of the Incarnate Word Community with updates on the status of campus during unanticipated events such as severe weather and other emergencies. This page supplements the university's main web page and e-mails sent to the university community through the Office of Public Relations.

Campus Emergencies

Emergency Evacuation Map

View the Emergency Evacuation Map

Weather Emergencies

  1. If conditions are right for severe weather, you should proceed to your nearest safe area and stay clear of windows.
  2. Do not use elevators.
  3. If your building has a power failure, emergency lighting will illuminate the hallways and stairwells.

Hazardous Materials Response

  • Chemical or Biological spills are to be reported to UIW University Police at (210) 829-6030.

Medical Emergencies

  • Call 911

Helpful Phone Numbers and Web Sites