Chemical Exchange Program Request


Gives laboratory personnel the opportunity to remove new and unused chemicals from their laboratory. The advantage of using this service is to help reduce purchasing and disposal costs. Once a request has been submitted, it will be logged in with Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM). Please contact EHSRM for a current inventory of chemical(s).


To meet the chemical exchange program criteria, chemical seal must be intact (i.e. never have been opened).

The following chemicals will not be accepted:

  • Expired
  • Controlled substances
  • Mercury
  • Peroxide formers (e.g. Ethyl ether)
  • P-listed (e.g. Sodium azide, Osmium tetroxide, Cyanide etc.)
  • Pyrophoric or Reactive
  • Damaged or rusted

Contact EHSRM if you are unsure what chemical(s) may or may not be accepted.