Summer Camp Information

General Summer Camp Information (pdf)

Camp Manager Guidelines (pdf) – Camp Managers must complete and provide to HR.

Camp Staff Guidelines (pdf) – Camp Managers must obtain signed copies of Camp Staff Guidelines from all Camp staff and volunteers. Camp Managers to provide completed forms to HR.

UIW Summer Camp Child Abuse Prevention Training Instructions – Training required under state law every two years for Camp Managers and Staff working on a university campus at a camp lasting longer than 4 days, with at least 20 campers participating. You must watch the complete 1-hour training video, please note fast forwarding has been disabled. Answer the embedded questions and complete the course before your summer camp begins. You must pass with a 70 or greater. If at any time you need to verify your score or completion status, ask your camp coordinator or and this information will be provided to you. Certifications must be provided to HR.”

Information Regarding Camps Involving Minors (pdf) – Camp Managers must complete and provide to Sam McDaniel at least 20 days prior to first scheduled day of Camp.

Camp Likeness and Release Form and Likeness Authorization (pdf) – All campers or their guardians must complete and provide to Camp Managers prior to first scheduled day of Camp.

Please complete the fields in the Waiver of Liability (pdf) prior to providing to campers. Completed Waivers must be provided to your Dean/Athletic Director.

Pick-Up Authorization Form (pdf) – must be completed by parents/guardians of campers prior first scheduled day of Camp.

Summer Camp Transportation Waiver (pdf) – For UIW-sponsored camps utilizing UIW transportation, you will need each participant to fill this out in addition to the other documents.