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Microsoft Teams at UIW

Video Conferencing at UIW

Video conferencing provides the power to hop on a call and collaborate with colleagues in real-time within seconds. All faculty, staff, and students will inevitably use video conferencing at some stage in their journey at UIW. While you may come across different platforms when meeting with external personnel, UIW officially deploys, endorses, and supports both Zoom and Microsoft Teams as video conferencing solutions. Additionally, UIW's Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology installs, designs, and supports video conferencing systems throughout the university's class and meeting rooms that can be used with these platforms. Check below for video conferencing tips, as well as a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Teams!

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What is Microsoft Teams and what are some features?

Microsoft Teams (aka Teams) is a persistent chat-based communications platform complete with document sharing, video conferencing, and many more useful features for business and education-based communications. The platform helps everyone collaborate online wherever they're at and offers popular features such as...

  • Online video or audio-only conferencing: Share your screen, camera, or voice at the same time or individually. Teams is flexible in offering a variety of communication methods.
  • Chat: Instantly search and find colleagues within the organization that are using Teams, complete with a suite of status options to keep distractions at a minimum.
  • Document storage in SharePoint: Each Team created automatically receives a SharePoint (shared OneDrive) site attached to the team. All files shared within Teams are conveniently backed up on the Team's shared OneDrive site for convenience.
  • Organization: Manage your Team with dedicated spaces, called 'channels', to host specific types of conversation or idea sharing.
  • Conversations within channels and teams: All members of a Team can participate in conversations that are curated and organized by topic, importance, or whichever method a Team prefers.

How to access Teams

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Getting Started with Teams

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All about Meetings in Teams

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Enhancing your Teams experience

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