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Quick Checks


  • Do all of your images provide alternative text (alt tags or alt attribute)?*
  • Did you describe images succinctly without being redundant?
  • Does the alt tag describe the content and purpose of the image?
  • Did you avoid wording like "image of" or "graphic of"?
  • Did you describe the destination as well as the image if it is also a link?
  • Are your images clear?
  • Is your image file optimized for loading?
  • Have you avoided animated/blinking images, text, or cursors?
  • Is your animated image contributing to the learning experience?
  • Further check: W3C alt Decision Tree
  • Further information:​

* Purely decorative images should have a null alt text (alt = " ").  Examples: images for non-informative purposes, images used for spacing/layout


  • Did you provide captions, transcripts or audio descriptions?
  • If you don't have captions, transcripts, or audio descriptions for a video, is there an alternative available that provides them?
  • Is the video quality clear?
  • Is the video length adequate to meet the goals without adding unnecessary information?
  • Is the video player compatible with multiple operating systems and only requires a standard/free plug-in?
  • Is the video short enough to download the file on computers with lower bandwidths?
  • Further Information:


  • Did you use the default font color?
  • Is it easy to read - short and sweet?
  • If you utilized headers (when necessary), did you use header 3 or 4?
  • When you emphasize words, did you bold or italicize them?
  • Did you avoid overuse of bold, italics, and all capital letters?
  • Did you avoid underlining to emphasize?
  • Did you keep the font style simple (or default)?
  • Did you avoid extremely bright colors as background colors?
  • Did you use the same font throughout the guide?
  • Did you use a dark font color on a light background?
  • Further information:


  • Do your links and databases provide the description underneath the name?
  • Does your link make sense out of context (avoids using phrases such as "click here")?
  • Did you break up long lists so that screen readers can skip them?
  • Further Information:


  • Is the audio quality clear?
  • Is there a written transcript provided?
  • Is the audio file short enough to download on computers with lower bandwidths?
  • Is the audio player compatible with multiple operating systems and requires only a standard/free plug-in?
  • Is the audio file length adequate to meet the goals without adding unnecessary information?


  • Did you break content down into appropriately sized boxes?
  • Did you avoid nested menus?
  • Further information: