Faculty Senate FAQs

What are the primary functions of the Faculty Senate?

See Faculty Handbook Chap 3 Article II on pg 21

  • Initiates policies related to University-wide academic matters, recommending their approval by the President and Board through the Provost
  • Initiates changes and additions to the Faculty Handbook recommending their approval by the President and Board through the Provost
  • Makes recommendations on university policy and governance issues of concern to faculty
  • Solicits faculty perceptions, suggestions, and recommendations
  • Advocates for faculty viewpoints on issues in which faculty perceive themselves as stakeholders
  • Seeks accurate data for use in advocating positions taken by faculty
  • Assures the opportunity for faculty participation in fiscal planning and decision making

Are Faculty Senate meetings open to anyone?

See Faculty Handbook Article VI. D. on page 23

Faculty Senate welcomes the involvement of all full-time faculty members. Faculty members can be involved through discussions/emailing issues to their senators, paying dues to support the funding of special events and awards, and attending Faculty Senate meetings as guests.

Attend the Faculty Senate meetings--guests are welcome. The semester calendar of all faculty governance meetings is available in each Faculty Senate agenda and minutes, available on Blackboard site, and on this website.

How to navigate the Senate process

How are issues introduced and approved at Faculty Senate?

Discuss issues with your school's senators, and ask them to bring the issues to the Faculty Senate table. Concerns of faculty can be sent to any senate representative including the President. This process should follow Roberts Rules of Order.

The Faculty Senate meeting agenda is sent to all faculty a week before the senate meeting so faculty members have a chance to review the issues (motions) up for vote and send ideas to their senators about these issues. A current list of your Senate representatives and committees is available on this website.