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UIW IRD provides service and support to the Incarnate Word Community, including more than 9,000 students in traditional, online, and adult degree completion programs. We also support the technology needs of two Catholic high schools and professional schools of Pharmacy, Optometry, and Physical Therapy.

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Information Resources Division

Neil Schroeder placeholder for missing headshot

Neil Schroeder

Interim Chief Information Officer

Senior Director, Digital Infrastructure and User Services
Gwen Salinas' headshot

Gwen Salinas

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President

Digital User and Infrastructure Services

The Digital Infrastructure and User Services department manages the Infrastructure Support, Technical Support Services, and NW Campus Technology Support teams.

Christopher Calk placeholder for missing headshot

Christopher Calk

Technical Support Technician

Earl Elder's Headshot

Earl Elder

Help Desk Technician

Art Gil placeholder for missing headshot

Art Gil

Telephone System Specialist

Juan Gonzalez placeholder for missing headshot

Juan Gonzalez

Network Administrator

Bart Morrison placeholder for missing headshot

Bart Morrison

System Administrator, Hardware and Virtualization

Dennis Murray placeholder for missing headshot

Dennis Murray

System Administrator, Windows Server, Print, Backup

Chris Nelson placeholder for missing headshot

Chris Nelson

Technology Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator

Christina Phillips placeholder for missing headshot

Christina Phillips

Help Desk Manager

Tyler Pruitt's Headshot

Tyler Pruitt

Technical Support Specialist

Henry Ramos placeholder for missing headshot

Henry Ramos

Telephone and Cable Technician

Bill Richardson placeholder for missing headshot

Bill Richardson

Network Administrator

Ismael Zambrano placeholder for missing headshot

Ismael Zambrano

Lead System Administrator

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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications provides end-user support for the Ellucian Banner enterprise system and all third-party integrated systems (i.e. Blackboard Transact, CashNet Storefronts, ActiveNet, StarRez, Magnus, Maxient, UIW Engage, Cardinal Cars, BDM document imaging). In addition, this department assists with project management and Evisions Argos reporting.

Jesse Cortinas' Headshot

Jesse Cortinas

Director, Enterprise Applications

Ciro Juarez's Headshot

Ciro Juarez

Assistant Director, Enterprise Applications

Angela Mazzara's Headshot

Angela Mazzara

Assistant Director, Enterprise Applications

Brenda Benedetti's Headshot

Brenda Benedetti

Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Thomas Dziuk's headshot

Thomas Dziuk

Sr. Programmer Analyst/ Reporting and Data Integration

Sidney's Fernandez's headshot

Sidney Fernandez


Jessica Gomez's Headshot

Jessica R. Gomez

Application Support Analyst

Samrita Neogi placeholder for missing headshot

Samrita Neogi


Terry Schilousky's Headshot

Terry Schilousky

Sr. Programmer/DBA

Lei Wang placeholder for missing headshot

Lei Wang

Sr. Programmer/Analyst



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IT Project Portfolio Management

Responsible for scoping new IT project requests and tracking and managing the overall IT project portfolio. The goal of enhanced IT project management techniques is to ensure the maximum benefit to the university by focusing our limited personnel resources, time and efforts toward the most strategic priorities.

Iris Solcher's Headshot

Iris Solcher

Director, IT Project Portfolio Management

Marlene Guevara placeholder for missing headshot

Marlene Guevara

IT Project Manager, IT Project Portfolio Management

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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology provides training for faculty as well as support for multi-media and convergent media projects (e.g., digital media and editing for educational products).

Kathleen Bottaro's Headshot

Kathleen Bottaro

Director, Instructional Technology Services

Rodney Evans' Headshot

Rodney Evans

Manager, Media Services

Adela Gott's Headshot

Adela Gott

Multimedia Specialist

Cesar Hernandez's Headshot

Cesar Hernandez

Instructional Designer/LMS Administrator

John Miller's Headshot

John Miller

Manager, Convergent Media

Terry Peak's Headshot

Terry Peak

Technology Training Coordinator

James Cockerham placeholder for missing headshot

James Cockerham

Sr. Media Services Technician

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Academic Technology Support for Health Sciences

Academic Technology Support for Health Sciences provides specialized training and support for our health science programs here at UIW.

placeholder for missing headshot


Director, Academic Technology Support for Health Sciences

Carlos Camargo's Headshot

Carlos Camargo

Technical Support Specialist, School of Osteopathic Medicine

Brian Palmeri's Headshot

Brian Palmeri

Technical Support Specialist, Feik School of Pharmacy

Anthony Ramos placeholder for missing headshot

Anthony Ramos

Technical Support Specialist, Rosenberg School of Optometry

Carlos Shepherd placeholder for missing headshot

Carlos Shepherd

Technical Support Specialist, School of Osteopathic Medicine

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Information Security

Brian Anderson's Headshot

Brian Anderson

Director, Information Security

Mabee Library

The Mabee Library support the university's academic programs with materials, instruction and technology that advance the intellectual development and scholarship activities of its students and faculty.

Tracey Mendoza's Headshot

Tracey E. Mendoza

Dean of Libraries

Angelica Velasquez's Headshot

Angelica Velasquez

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Dell Davis' Headshot

Dell Davis

Director, Public Services

Mary Jink's Headshot

Mary Jinks

Director, Technical Services

Paul Andersen's Headshot

Paul Andersen

Reference Librarian

Erin Cassity's Headshot

Erin Cassity

Distance Learning Librarian

Kristin Johnson placeholder for missing headshot

Kristin Johnson

Graduate Studies and Learning Assessment Librarian

Rebecca Dillen's Headshot

Rebecca Dillen

Physical Therapy Librarian

Farhad Moshiri's Headshot

Farhad Moshiri

Audiovisual Librarian

Melissa Rucker's Headshot

Melissa Rucker

Catalog Librarian

placeholder for missing headshot


Pharmacy Librarian

Leslie Todd placeholder for missing headshot

Leslie Todd

Information Literacy Coordinator

Michael Peters' Headshot

Michael Peters

Systems Support and E-Resources Librarian

Edward Charles' Headshot

Edward Charles

Circulation Daytime Supervisor

Kathy Mulligan's Headshot

Kathy Mulligan

Circulation Evening Supervisor

Idalia Rodriguez's Headshot

Idalia Rodriguez

Copy Cataloger

Rosemary Vasquez's Headshot

Rosemary Vasquez

Library Assistant Technical Services

Brenda Matelski's Headshot

Brenda Matelski

Library Assistant, Public and Technical Services

Bret Roberts placeholder for missing headshot

Bret Roberts

PT Library Assistant

Melissa Torres' placeholder for missing headshot

Melissa Torres

Library Assistant, Public Services

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UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine Library

The UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine Library (UIWSOM Library) is housed at the Brooks City Base campus. It operates as a branch campus of the Mabee Library and is under the supervision of the Dean of Library Services.

Darell Schmick placeholder for missing headshot

Darell Schmick

Director, SOM Library Services

Cristina Cruz placeholder for missing headshot

Cristina Cruz

Library Assistant

Luis Barcenes placeholder for missing headshot

Luis Barcenes III

Library Assistant

Alexius Peralta placeholder for missing headshot

Alexius Peralta

Library Assistant PT

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Rosenberg School of Optometry Library

Dr. Deidre Rios' Headshot

Dr. Deidre Rios

Director, Optometric and Clinical Library

Richard Kaye's Headshot

Richard Kaye

Library Assistant

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Web Development and Mobile Operations

Web Development oversees the university's public-facing web presence and social media efforts. The office aids UIW departments in building and maintaining web sites, assists in coordination social media interactions with UIW constituencies, both on and off campus, and coordinates web-based video and multimedia projects.

Lallo Vigil's Headshot

Lallo Vigil

Manager, Web and Mobile Operations

Uriel Echavarria's Headshot

Uriel Echavarria

Web Designer

Fred Hayes' Headshot

Fred Hayes

Web Administrator

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