Enterprise Applications

Ellucian Banner is an industry-leading suite of software applications designed specifically for the needs of higher-education institutions. The Enterprise Applications Team has specialized in integrating this powerful software suite into our University's digital ecosystem to facilitate improved operational efficiency, data management, and student services.

  • Admissions and Recruitment: Simplifying the application and acceptance process, and enhancing communication with prospective students.
  • Financial Aid and Student Accounts: Streamlining financial aid processes, billing, and payment systems for better financial transparency.
  • Academic Affairs: Enabling course registration, tracking academic progress, and providing critical data for course planning and scheduling.
  • Alumni Relations and Advancement: Facilitating robust engagement and fundraising initiatives.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are steadfast in our commitment to supporting the University's mission by providing agile, user-friendly, and reliable solutions. We take pride in maintaining the integrity, security, and privacy of our community's data. In a fast-paced technological world, we continually adapt and evolve, ensuring our systems are up-to-date and that we're leveraging the full capabilities of Ellucian Banner.

Get in Touch

Whether you're a student seeking assistance with your course registration, a faculty member looking to access critical academic data, or a department head in need of a custom report, we're here to help. Contact us at Email or visit us at

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