UIW Summer Trailer Project

The UIW Summer Trailer project is designed to transition UIW from a summer header configuration to a summer trailer configuration to support timely financial aid disbursement.

Problem Statement

Banner Patch for Summer Header for processing will not be released until April 20 or later each year. Students from different programs need their summer aid on April 1, 2023 – classes start on April 10, 2023, for Summer 2023. The delay of the Banner Patch for Summer Header causes delays in summer aid disbursement for this population. If the patch is delivered earlier by Ellucian a potential delay still exists due to dependency of set-up and scheduling due to the Banner migration to the cloud.

Reviewed and Approved Solution

Converting the entire university to a summer trailer is the selected long term solution. Advantages of this solution are that no student, in any program, will see a delay in summer disbursement due to software patches or scheduling as there will no longer be a patch deeded for summer disbursements.

Project Engagement

To ensure minimal disruption upon implementation of this project, please be sure to engage and provide feedback during project activities and testing. The project team will communicate with the different university offices to ensure review of potential impact to different teams is accurately assessed.

Submit additional questions, comments, or concerns to the Summer Trailer Project team here.

There will be a change in the naming of term codes to accurately reflect summer being a trailer instead of a header term for the academic year. 
Processes and reports will need to be updated to account for the updated term code structure, if term codes are used in the process.
Involvement during the testing and feedback sessions of the project are essential! Even if you are not involved in testing, your feedback is important and will help us identify any issues we may not have already identified so they can be resolved during testing.
Transition for some students for financial aid purposes only will begin during summer 2024, with the new term code being applied to summer 2025. Beginning in fall 2025, the term code structure will be fully transitioned to a summer trailer.
No. The UIW fiscal year will not change, nor will the budget process change. Any changes to tuition structure will be discussed through Finance to ensure a smooth transition on financial aid packaging.
No, the term code structure is not visible to students and will not affect how they register for courses. The Registrar’s Office will use the new term code when setting up courses for summer of 2025 in Banner.
No, this only changes the term code used in Banner for the summer term. Application processing will be updated to match the new term code structure.
Financial aid uses a period code structure that is tied to term codes. As many students as possible will be transitioned to a summer trailer for summer of 2024 using aid periods (not term codes). The remaining students will be grandfathered out in the financial aid system as needed until all students are on a summer trailer setup.