Leaving UIW

All Good Things Come to an End

Whether graduating or pursing other options, all students at UIW eventually will leave university life behind. One important item to consider before leaving is what to do with all your electronic records such as email, contacts, OneDrive files, etc. You will need some time to transition to another system. UIW Policy allows student accounts to stay active for one year after graduation or the last day attending UIW as an active student. The items listed below are provided for your consideration to ensure you do not suffer any adverse impacts.

Where to Get a New Email Address

There are many free email options that provide plenty of storage and advanced features such as file storage and others. Some of the most common options are listed below. You can simply click the link and sign up for a new account. Remember if you are going to use your email for professional purposes it is highly recommended to choose an email address that does not include questionable content.

There are many other ways to obtain email address. You may get one through your Internet provider such as AT&T or Spectrum. You could get one through iCloud if you are an Apple user.

Saving Your UIW Email and Contacts

If you have just a few important emails you need to retain or contacts you want to keep the fastest way to keep them is to simply forward each to your non-UIW email address.

If you have a large number of items you may wish to create a personal storage folder, also referred to as a ".pst" file. Please review the instructions below for how to move you mail to a .pst file. Please note that in order to do a bulk move to a .pst file you must use the Outlook Client. There is not a bulk export available through the Outlook web client. Learn how to create a .pst file and export your email.

Moving Files From OneDrive

If you have documents stored in your OneDrive that you wish to keep you should copy them to another source such as your local computer, a portable hard drive, or other media. Learn to copy your files from OneDrive.

Office 365 Group Considerations

If you were the "owner" of a Group in Office 365 you should make sure that you make someone else that will continue to be at UIW an owner as well. This is important so that the group is able to be managed and does not expire. Learn to update owners in a group.