Academic Policies

As the Chief Academic Officer, the Provost is responsible for approving policies and procedures that appear in the Faculty Handbook and that govern all academic activities and performance within the University. Major changes may also require approval by the President and the Board of Trustees.

All faculty at the University are bound and protected by the Faculty Handbook. Supplements for Schools may include policies and procedures unique to their circumstances as long as those additional policies and procedures do not deny rights articulated in the University Faculty Handbook and assure due process.

One important supplement to the Faculty Handbook details the responsibility for faculty chairs and coordinators to oversee the quality of their programs at all UIW locations.

All changes to the Faculty Handbook, and Supplements, must be forwarded to the Provost for approval. The Provost is responsible for posting the official edition on the web. The Provost oversees a comprehensive review of the Faculty Handbook every five years.