Clock Tower on the campus of the University of the Incarnate Word

Office of the Provost

Welcome to the Office of the Provost

Dr Caroline Goulet

I am proud to serve the University of the Incarnate Word as Provost, along with a team of experts who oversee the integrity of all academic programs of the University. Let me encourage all our current and future students and families – UIW’s amazing faculty and staff have embraced the recent crisis to continue teaching our students so that they can achieve their academic success and fulfill the UIW mission.

UIW is a leading academic institution with a wide range of exceptional, nationally and internationally recognized programs, an outstanding faculty and staff, and growth in its facilities over the past decade in support of our academic mission. UIW is the largest Catholic university in Texas, a Hispanic Serving Institution, and the hometown school of choice for a greater percentage of minority and first-generation college students than any other large private university in all of Texas.

UIW welcomes and supports students from a diverse array of nations and cultures, a quality that is fundamental to our Catholic faith, Mission and international reach. I am inspired by our role in ensuring that our 21st century students can contribute to society in a meaningful way.

As we continue to respond in faith to the Covid-19 pandemic, our community embraces our five institutional tenets to guide us during this global challenge.


The University of the Incarnate Word educates men and women who will become concerned and enlightened citizens. Our faculty community have worked together to move our Spring and Summer academic portfolio to online teaching. All support offices of UIW collaborate closely to meet each student’s educational needs and to address the concerns of their families.


The faculty and students support one another in the search for the communication of truth. A key part of that communication comes from faculty who reach out to students during class time and virtual office hours to provide support and encouragement to them and their families. Additional supportive communication comes thru online services like personal tutoring available 24 hours a day, and through online mental health services for students and employees. My own internal communication integrates our deans councils, faculty senate representatives, as well as the UIW Student Government President, to ensure clear and communication with the student body and understand the needs of our students.


The University is committed to educational excellence in a context of faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God. Even during the constraints of working from home, we reach out to our students and their families, together with the Office of Mission and Ministry, in a daily reflection and prayer provided on our UIW website.


The curriculum includes a global perspective and an emphasis on social justice and community service. In these uncertain times we are all asked to serve by working from home to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus across our communities.

The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership and Sustainability (ECCLs) has also adapted to identify online and alternate service opportunities for our undergraduate students to meet their commitment of 45 hours of community service.


The University is open to thoughtful innovation that serves the spiritual and material needs of people. The current crisis continues to highlight the passionate creativity of our faculty and staff, to adapt online tools to meet the needs of every student and ensure a supportive environment for learning. Virtual campus tours and numerous online gatherings allow us to stay connected with our Cardinal community, and to maintain the high level of personal contact for which University of the Incarnate Word is recognized.

Please know that we are here for you and your families – to pray together, to support your educational experience at UIW and join together to stay at home and mitigate the spread of the novel corona virus in our community and across our country.

I pray that the Incarnate Word, who humbled Himself to live as one of us, blesses you and your family with compassion and peace for the year ahead.

Praised be The Incarnate Word!


Caroline Goulet. PT, Ph.D., Interim Provost

Victoria Shipley, Director of Operations

Dr. Glenn James, Vice Provost

(210) 829-3943
4301 Broadway, CPO 301
San Antonio, TX 78209