Parking Information


Parking Permits

A parking permit is required to park on campus. Any vehicle that is not registered or does not have a permit properly displayed is subject to a parking fine.

2020-2021 Parking Permit Rates

Parking Permit Rates
Students Employees
  • Undergraduate Commuter Students (Economy)
    • $250/year
  • Resident Students
    • $680/year
  • Pharmacy Students
    • $250/year
  • Graduate Students
    • $100/year
  • Motorcycle
    • $250/year (free w/ purchase of car permit)
  • Handicap
    • $250/year
  • Economy
    • $250/year (full-time employees)
    • $125/year (part-time employees)
    • $65/semester (part-time employees)
  • Priority (faculty, pre-approved staff, and age 60+ only)
    • $380/year (full-time employees)
    • $190/year (part-time employees)
    • $95/semester (part-time employees)
  • Pharmacy Faculty/Staff
    • $250/year (full-time employees)
    • $125/year (part-time employees)
  • Motorcycle 
    • $250/year (free w/ purchase of a car permit)
  • Handicap 
    • $250/year (full-time employees)
    • $125/year (part-time employees)

All registered students and UIW employees may register their vehicle and order parking permits online through Cardinal Cars (found in your Cardinal Apps portal). Once your vehicle is registered, a parking decal will be available for pickup in the Business Office. You may register multiple vehicles under the same account, but only ONE decal is allowed per student/employee. Parking decals are removable, and must be transferred and displayed on the vehicle that is on campus.

Handicap Permits

Students/employees requesting a handicap permit must present valid documentation (i.e. handicap placard, vehicle registration) and driver's license before a permit will be issued.

Disabled/Decorated Veterans

Disabled/decorated veterans whose vehicle displays the special license plate issued by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT) are eligible to receive a university parking permit (Handicap or Economy) at no cost. This privilege applies to the veteran ONLY (not to others driving the vehicle). Before a permit is issued, the veteran will be required to:

  • Register their vehicle in  Cardinal Cars (located in the Cardinal Apps portal)
  • Select their permit type
    • H (Handicap)
    • C (Commuter/Economy)
  • Present their vehicle registration (TXDoT) with proper identification to the business office


Visitors must check in at the Visitor & Information kiosk in front of the Administration Building (located at the Burr Road entrance). If you have a guest coming to campus, please contact the kiosk in advance for a temporary parking pass at (210) 283-5066 or

How to Request a Parking Permit (Students)

  1. Log in to your Cardinal Apps portal
  2. Select the BOSSCARS icon
  3. Read the Parking Rules & Regulations and the Vehicle Registration Disclaimer to proceed
  4. Click on Parking Permits, and select a permit type from the drop-down menu
  5. Enter information for your vehicle(s) and click "Add"
  6. Click the select box next to each vehicle to be assigned to the permit
  7. Click "Permit Selection" and click OK after verifying your selection
  8. Print your Temporary Permit to display on vehicle dashboard
  9. Temporary permits must be replaced by an official parking decal prior to the expiration of the temporary permit

How to Request a Parking Permit (Employees)

  1. Follow steps 1-6 above
  2. Select Payroll Deductions ( optional; full-time employees only)
    • the cost of the permit will be equally deducted from each paycheck for the duration of the fiscal year
  3. Print your Temporary Permit to display on vehicle dashboard
    • temporary permits must be replaced by an official parking decal prior to the expiration of the temporary permit
  4. Part-time employees (and full-time employees who do not select payroll deductions) must pay for permit in full when picking up their decal from the Business Office

Placement of Parking Decal

Parking decals must be affixed on the inside of the windshield on the driver's side, near the vehicle registration sticker. All permit information must be visible from outside the vehicle (barcode unobstructed).

Image of where to display permit. Bottom right of windshield.

Parking Citations

  • Students/Employees: Parking fines are charged to your student or employee account. Payments for fines can be made online through the ePayment Center, on in the Business Office with cash, check, or money order. 
  • For guests, visitors, or vendors who receive a parking fine, payment can be made online at the Parking Fine Payment page, in person in the Business Office, or by mail.
    • Please note that the citation number and license plate number are needed for all payments

Citation Appeal Process

  • All appeals must be submitted within ten (10) days of the issuance of the violation, and must detail the reasons for requesting a reassessment of the fine.
  • The decision of the Appeals Committee is final. All ticket appeals may be submitted once, and any additional appeal attempts will not be reviewed.
  • Current students and employees may submit appeals through their Cardinal Cars portal
  • Former students and non-UIW affiliates may email and include the following information:
    • Ticket number (ex. 17H504618)
    • License plate number and state
    • Reason for appeal
    • Contact information

Parking is a university granted privilege extended to those who agree to abide by the University of the Incarnate Word parking and traffic regulations. This privilege may be revoked from individuals who have demonstrated an unwillingness to adhere to the university's policies and regulations.