The Cardinal Card office is located in the Student Engagement Center, suite 3150.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Cardinal ID card?

The Cardinal ID is provided to all UIW students. Students must show a current UIW schedule and a photo ID (Drivers license, Passport, or official ID) to obtain the Cardinal ID Card.

*School of Professional Studies and School of Osteopathic Medicine provide student ID's at the specific school location.

How much does an ID cost?

The first Cardinal ID card is free. There is a $15.00 charge for lost or stolen cards. The fee is waived for malfunctioning or damaged cards that have not been deliberately altered. Charges for the ID card can be paid in cash or charged to your student account and billed from the UIW business office. *Lost cards should be reported to the Campus Engagement office immediately at (210) 829-6034.*

What can I do with the Cardinal Card?

The Cardinal Card will allow you

  • Security access to designated areas with permission from the Dean of the specific school or building. (Request form can be found on the Campus Engagement webpage under building access request )
  • Security access to your residence hall if you live on campus.
  • The Cardinal Card is used by residence at all dining facilities on campus.
  • Printing ability at various locations on campus to include the library and help desk in the SEC, room # 0040
  • Permits access to the wellness center and natatorium facilities.
  • Commuters can utilize a discount at the dining facilities on campus. (funds can be placed on Cardinal Card at the business office)
  • Access to athletic events, theatre shows and all campus engagement programs.
  • Ability to check out books, laptops and movies or reserve a study room in the library.
  • Used as valid verification at the testing center, or other student services departments on campus.
  • Ability to put funds on your account to be used at the bookstore.
  • The Cardinal Card is used to track participation at SGA/CAB and campus community service events.
  • Serves as a valid ID to pick up packages in the post office.
  • Required to check out video games, billiard supplies and other items in Red's Pub/Student Center.
  • Utilize student discounts at various museums, restaurants theatres.

Any questions regarding the Cardinal Card can directed to the Campus Engagement Office, in the Student Engagement Center, suite 3150 or call (210) 829-6034.