House Facts

Structural Facts

  • The structure is positioned facing due south for maximum solar exposure.
  • The solar array in the house was designed to provide electricity for the house year-round during peak daytime demand.
  • Helical Pier Foundation System minimizes disturbance of native soils. Twenty-three screw-in posts were used for the foundation. This system is also removable, reusable and performs well in expansive soils. It does not restrict drainage of surface water.
  • Butterfly Roof allows for maximum capture for rain water and negates the need for gutters.
  • Casement windows allow home to cross ventilate and capture prevailing winds
  • Open-joint Rain Screen allows ventilation in exterior walls which improves indoor air quality.
  • Single interior plumbing wall contains all plumbing to minimize distance of piping runs. Locating plumbing in an interior wall allows for more insulation in exterior thermal envelope.
  • SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) Construction used to build floor, walls, and roof systems: Minimizes waste, highly insulated and durable, reduces construction time. The pre-fabricated panels were delivered on one truck stacked like a deck of cards.
  • Daikin- 4 zone Ductless mini split HVAC system provides cooling and heating: Improved efficiency with no duct leakage, reduce size of equipment and materials necessary.
  • No East or West Facing windows or glazing.
  • Project was designed in 2’ foot increments to minimize onsite construction related waste.
  • Dual purpose Southern Solar Porch covering: provides shade for 12 foot door system during summer and renewable energy production.
  • Retractable Door: allows for increased space and ventilation. Large Southern facing doors/ windows provide passive solar heating during winter months and large amount of natural light to reduce need for task lighting during daytime hours.

Energy Efficient Features

  • Rheem heat pump water heater
  • Anderson 100 series (Fibrex Frames)
  • Pitch of roof angled to maximize solar production for summer cooling demands
  • SIPs – High R value and air sealing
  • Sun power PV Panels
  • Sanyo Bifacial PV Panels
  • Induction Cook top
  • Standing Seam metal roof that is reflective and durable
  • Fiber cement siding with open joint rain screen
  • Ductless HVAC system
  • Solar sun porch shades South facing door unit

Recycled Features

  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks are made of recycled content
  • ECO recycled glass countertops
  • Rain harvesting
  • Minimized construction waste with recycling,
  • Trex decking- made from recycled milk bottles.
  • Green glass Fiberglass Faced interior board (Temple-Inland) Sheetrock-90% recycled content
  • SIP Construction (Structurally Insulated Panels) – Manufactured in controlled environment to reduce construction waste on site. Waste materials from fabrication are recycled at SIP facilities.
  • Recycled tire mulch

Water Efficiency

  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Dual flush toilet
  • 540 gallon Rain Capture tank for irrigation
  • Native plants in landscaping reduce watering demands

Sustainable Features

  • Cork Flooring
  • Parawood (rubber tree) cabinets

Indoor Air Quality

  • Rain screen
  • No VOC paint (volatile organic compound)
  • Aprilaire 1750 Whole house Fresh air system provides positive air pressure to reduce air infiltration. Exchange indoor air with Fresh air. Control relative humidity levels in home which improves comfort.
  • Green glass Fiberglass Faced interior board (Temple-Inland) - mold and mildew resistant

Project Achievements

  • Platinum LEED certification
  • ADA compliant
  • Net Zero daily energy consumption
  • Used no poured Concrete
  • No loss of existing Parking
  • Minimum impact on site and natural drainage patterns
  • No obstruction of utility easement